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You Have a Choice

20th October 2012

A few days ago, I wrote a short sort-of-poem. My friends thought it wasn't too bad, so I thought I'd share it with you. It's called "You have a choice":

You have a choice.
You could believe that there is no God,
that all we eat, and all we drink, and all the air we breathe,
and all the love and laughter and beauty that we see
came out of nothing, for no reason.
You could believe that one day there was nothing, and next there were atoms
and the atoms became molecules, and the molecules became us,
and all the thoughts, and longings and regrets
are nothing more than electrical impulses in our brains.
But it takes a lot of faith to believe that.
You could believe we needed no creator, and need no saviour.
Just pass the beer and put the telly on and wait for death.
But it takes a lot of despair to believe that.
You have a choice.
You could believe that you can make that choice tomorrow.
And you probably can.
But tomorrow, will you choose to make the choice the next day?
And day follows day, and the choice doesn’t get made.
And as each day passes, will the choice become easier or harder, clearer or more confused?
Today, you can choose to believe in the God who made us, and provides for us,
the God who died for us, and lives to help us.
You have a choice.