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Stubbington Baptist Church
Acorn Christian Healing Foundation
Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith
Christianity 16th March 2018
Joseph: God's plan or mine? 29th December 2017
Christmas 2017 - The Mystery of Godliness 22nd December 2017
To God be the glory 29th September 2017
If my people... 8th September 2017
Elijah 1st September 2017
Self-righteousness and Justification by Faith 4th August 2017
How much evidence do you need? 21st April 2017
Easter 2017 14th April 2017
The Light 30th December 2016
Coxy's Christmas Message 2016 23rd December 2016
The Word 16th December 2016
Go into all the world 16th September 2016
A man born blind 9th September 2016
The waters of Marah, Part 2 - The Decree 2nd September 2016
The waters of Marah, Part 1 - The Test 26th August 2016
Loving Christ's people 25th March 2016
Weeping over Jerusalem 18th March 2016
Exhaustion 11th March 2016
One more sermon 1th March 2016
Cast your nets 16th February 2016
Wise Men 1st January 2016
Coxy's Christmas Message 2015 - the Angel in the Darkness 24th December 2015
One Leper 5th June 2015
Ten Lepers 29th May 2015
The Call of Elisha, Part 2 22nd May 2015
Jesus and the widow of Nain, Part 2 - Unclean 15th May 2015
Jesus and the widow of Nain, Part 1 - One widow 9th May 2015
The Call of Elisha, Part 1 1st May 2015
Man of God 24th April 2015
Give me your son 20th March 2015
Old Testament Curses 31st January 2015
Identifying with the Christmas Story 3rd January 2015
Mary and Gabriel, Part 2 27th December 2014
Mary and Gabriel, Part 1 20th December 2014
Zechariah and Gabriel 1th December 2014
Getting it wrong 30th August 2014
More on the second commandment 22nd August 2014
And the second is like it 15th August 2014
The first and greatest commandment 9th August 2014
The mountain of God 2nd August 2014
Under the broom tree 26th July 2014
You should have struck the ground five or six times, Part 2 19th July 2014
You should have struck the ground five or six times, Part 1 12th July 2014
The Tabernacle of God 5th July 2014
Good Envy 3rd May 2014
For the sake of my countrymen 8th March 2014
Drowning, Part 2 1st March 2014
The gap between theology and faith 22nd February 2014
Drowning, Part 1 15th February 2014
Sharper than any double-edged sword, Part 2 28th December 2013
Coxy's Christmas Message 201 21st December 2013
Sharper than any double-edged sword, Part 1 14th December 2013
The Word of God and the word of God 7th December 2013
The innocence of infants 30th November 2013
Not under law 23rd November 2013
Health is better than healing 21st September 2013
Do not fret because of evil men 14th September 2013
Set apart for the gospel of God 20th July 2013
Naked 6th July 2013
God chooses to whom He reveals Himself 27th April 2013
A prophet's reward 20th April 2013
More on the will of God 1th April 2013
The will of God 6th April 2013
Two sparrows for a penny 30th March 2013
Do not be afraid of them 23rd March 2013
A student and his teacher 16th March 2013
Ecclesiastes and the Meaning of Life 9th March 2013
Sorrow and Joy 2nd March 2013
The wind of change 23rd February 2013
Psalm 11 again 16th February 2013
Revelation, bad government and civil discourse 9th February 2013
Sacrificial love 2nd February 2013
The pledge of a good conscience 26th January 2013
Judgment in England? 19th January 2013
Like a weaned child 12th January 2013
Coxy's Christmas Message 2012 5th January 2013
Enlightenment 29th December 2012
You have a choice 20th October 2012
Preaching works! 22nd September 2012
Speaking the truth in Love 7th July 2012
Being Witnesses 26th May 2012
The Light of the World 19th May 2012
Easter Morning 2012 1th April 2012
Good Friday 2012 6th April 2012
The Triumphal Entry 31st March 2012
And Now The Good News! 17th March 2012
The Baptism of Jesus 18th February 2012
In Proportion to our Faith 21st January 2012
New Year 2012 31th December 2011
Coxy's Christmas Message 2011 - Wise Men? 24th December 2011
A New Creation 1th August 2011
What's in a Name? 23rd July 2011
Fulfilment 18th June 2011
You will be my witnesses 11th June 2011
The Centurion and the Servant 4th June 2011
The Servant of All 30th April 2011
Wanting to Believe 23rd April 2011
Our Choices Have Consequences 4th March 2011
Coxy's Christmas Message 2010 23rd December 2010
The Greatest Wisdom 26th July 2010
We do not lose heart 3rd July 2010
The Church, the Scribe and the Good Samaritan 19th June 2010
Old Vines Produce Good Grapes 9th May 2010
Look forward, not back 3rd May 2010
Through a glass, darkly 25th April 2010
First Love 18th April 2010
Some Things are Permanent 9th April 2010
Nonsense? 2nd April 2010
Where were you? 27th March 2010
Resolution 1st January 2010
Marching orders 24th December 2009
Coxy's Christmas Message 2009 18th December 2009
Missionary Church 11th December 2009
The Baptist, the Messiah and the Dungeon 3rd September 2009
The Golden Rule - Part 2 31st August 2009
The Golden Rule - Part 1 19th August 2009
The Holiest Of All 3rd July 2009
Freedom, Part 2 26th June 2009
Freedom, Part 1 19th June 2009
Stand firm in your faith, Part 2 12th June 2009
Stand firm in your faith, Part 1 5th June 2009
The way it works 29th May 2009
Good News People - Part 2 22nd May 2009
Good News People - Part 1 15th May 2009
What we really believe 19th February 2009
If I just touch his clothes 21st January 2009
You are the light of the world 9th January 2009
Spread the Word 1st January 2009
Coxy's Christmas message 2008 (Luke 2v8-18 part 3) 24th December 2008
Great Joy (Luke 2v8-18 part 2) 20th December 2008
What if it's you? (Luke 2v8-18 part 1) 11th December 2008
Hidden Truth 30th October 2008
Spiritually Hungry Christians 11th October 2008
Taken for Granted 3rd October 2008
Greed 22nd September 2008
Co-operating with God in our own Healing 16th September 2008
Real Sacrifices are Costly 9th September 2008
The House of God 1st September 2008
Talent 25th August 2008
The Parable of the Sports Car Enthusiast 16th August 2008
Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and Power 9th August 2008
The Two Foundational Commandments 3rd August 2008
Mustard Seeds 27th July 2008
Heaven 20th July 2008
Whatever happened to the Charismatic Movement 17th May 2008
Sacrifice 19th April 2008
Hate the sin, love the sinner 1th April 2008
Thy will be done 6th April 2008
Are you going to wash my feet? 30th March 2008
Some of them sneered 22nd March 2008
They had not understood about the loaves 16th March 2008
Jesus loves you - pass it on 8th March 2008
Apart from me you can do nothing 28th February 2008
Dig another well 15th February 2008
Authority 8th February 2008
Jesus heals us because He loves us 2nd February 2008
Why do you scorn my sacrifice? 27th January 2008
Let light shine out of darkness 19th January 2008
Go in Peace 12th January 2008
The increase of His Government 29nd December 2007
Coxy's Christmas Message - 2007 22nd December 2007
The light of the world 15th December 2007
2007 8th December 2007
Kingdom Praying 1st December 2007
Revival, the Word and the Spirit 24th November 2007
No other name 10th November 2007
In the name of Jesus 2nd November 2007
Glory in the church 25th October 2007
Incredible? 18th October 2007
The prompting of the Holy Spirit 11th October 2007
"Stretch out your hand" 4th October 2007
Atmosphere 27th September 2007
Total Depravity 20th September 2007
Faith 1th September 2007
"Save yourselves from this corrupt generation" 6th September 2007
Yokes 12th July 2007
Judgement and Revival 5th July 2007
"These men are not drunk!" 28th June 2007
"Have you considered the evidence?" 21st June 2007
Jealousy 14th June 2007
Conscience 7th June 2007
Obeying God and doing the impossible 31st May 2007
"Whoever wants to save his life will lose it" 24th May 2007
"Why do you stand here looking into the sky?" 17th May 2007
The church needs the Holy Spirit 10th May 2007
John 3:34 - God gives the Spirit without limit 3rd May 2007
Ephesians 4:1-7 - Be completely humble and gentle" 26th April 2007
Romans 11:33 - 12:3 - Living Sacrifices" 19th April 2007
Sowing, Reaping and Ploughing 29th March 2007
Why is the Law the Law? 1st February 2007
Confessions 25th January 2007
You are the Son of God! 18th January 2007
Look - the Lamb of God! 11th January 2007
God's will - or mine? 4th January 2007
New Year's Resolutions 28th December 2006
Coxy's Christmas Message 2006 21st December 2006
Lack of Faith 14th December 2006
I desire mercy not sacrifice 7th December 2006
Who did Jesus come for? 30th November 2006
The Widow of Nain 26th October 2006
The New Jerusalem 19th October 2006
Religion or people? 1th September 2006
The word of God which is at work in you 6th September 2006
Jesus Christ is absolutely unique 23rd August 2006
The Meaning of Life 16th August 2006
Helping others - are we loving them or judging them? 10th August 2006
Play the hand you're dealt 3rd August 2006
Holding on in times of trial 26th July 2006
Doing the right thing 19th July 2006
A short talk on our relationship with yourself 1th July 2006
A short talk on our relationship with others 6th July 2006
A short talk on our relationship with God 29th June 2006
Wounded hearts 6th June 2006
If you seek Him, He will be found by you 2nd June 2006
God is with you when you are with him 24th May 2006
Agape - God's love 18th May 2006
Do you love me? 2nd May 2006
The Lord's Delight 26th April 2006
Above all else guard your heart 20th April 2006
Pay attention to what I say 1st April 2006
They praised God because of me 6th April 2006
Devoted? 29th March 2006
Just call him "Thomas" 22nd March 2006
The moment of conversion 14th March 2006
The secret of peace 6th March 2006
If anyone preaches any other gospel 22nd February 2006
The secret of contentment
If my People will ... what? - 2 Chronicles 7:14
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind - Romans 12:2
God rewards those who seek Him - Hebrews 11:6
Run with perseverance - Hebrews 12:1
Why was Jesus willing to die? - Hebrews 12:2
Fear of snakes
Do you know Jesus?
Book review - Holiness by J. C. Ryle
9 things I wish I'd known when I was 20