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Acorn Christian Healing Foundation
Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith
Government in Crisis - Daniel 2v1-13 4th October 2019
Christian Healing 27th September 2019
God Rewards the Faithful - Daniel 1v17-21 20th September 2019
When we Can't Compromise - Daniel 1v8-16 13th September 2019
Living as Christians in an Alien Culture - Daniel 1:1-7 6th September 2019
Cultural Exile - Daniel 1:1-2 30th August 2019
New Wine needs a New Wineskin 23rd August 2019
A New patch on an old Garment 16th August 2019
Justified by Faith - Part 2 9th August 2019
Justified by Faith - Part 1 2nd August 2019
Romans 12v20-21 - Burning Coals 26th July 2019
Romans 12v17-19 - Living at peace with others 19th July 2019
Romans 12v15-16 - Empathy 12th July 2019
Romans 12v14 - Loving those who hate us 5th July 2019
Romans 12v14 - Christian love isn't just for Christians 28th June 2019
Romans 12v12-13 - Trusting God and loving others 21st June 2019
Romans 12v9-11 - Maintaining spiritual fervour 14th June 2019
Romans 12v9-10 - A healthy church is a loving church 7th June 2019
Romans 12v1-8 - A healthy church 31st May 2019
Romans 12v6-8 - We have different gifts 24th May 2019
Romans 12v3-5 - Members of the body of Christ 17th May 2019
Romans 12v2 - God's good, pleasing and perfect will 10th May 2019
Romans 12v2 - Go on being transformed 3rd May 2019
Romans 12v2 - Be transformed by the renewal of your mind 26th April 2019
Romans 12v1 - Holy and Pleasing to God 19th April 2019
Change 1st March 2019
Meeting Angels 11th January 2019
A Smouldering Wick - Isaiah 42v3a 4th January 2019
Coxy's Christmas Message 2018 - A Babe in the Straw 26th December 2018
A Bruised Reed - Isaiah 42v3a 21st December 2018
Jesus - God's Gentle Servant - Isaiah 42v1-2 14th December 2018
Bringing the children home - Isaiah 43v5-7 9th November 2018
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you - Isaiah 43v1-5a 2nd November 2018
Lead us not into temptation - Part 3 29th June 2018
Lead us not into temptation - Part 2 22nd June 2018
Lead us not into temptation - Part 1 15th June 2018
God loves me anyway 8th June 2018
Poor in spirit 1st June 2018
Spiritual Insight 25th May 2018
Seeking the truth 18th May 2018