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(Bible quotations are from the NIV unless otherwise stated)

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Abraham, Part 1: Forefather of Israel and the Church 12th September 2010
Abraham, Part 2: From Ur to Haran to Canaan 19th September 2010
Abraham, Part 3: To Egypt and Back 25th September 2010
Abraham, Part 4: The Parting of the Ways 1st October 2010
Abraham, Part 5: Sometimes you have to Fight 10th October 2010
Abraham, Part 6: Melchizedek and the King of Sodom 16th October 2010
Abraham, Part 7: Faith and Righteousness 22nd October 2010
Abraham, Part 8: Faith, Sacrifice and Darkness 1st November 2010
Abraham, Part 9: God Works in our Experiences 8th November 2010
Abraham, Part 10: We are Sinners, Too 13th November 2010
Abraham, Part 11: God Meets us in the Desert 20th November 2010
Abraham, Part 12: The Sign of the Covenant 26th November 2010
Abraham, Part 13: You're never too old to be used by God 4th December 2010
Abraham, Part 14: Please Don't Pass Me By 11th December 2010
Abraham, Part 15: You did Laugh 18th December 2010
Abraham, Part 16: The Way of the Lord 31st December 2010
Abraham, Part 17: Prayer Changes Us 7th January 2011
Abraham, Part 18: Long-term Sin 15th January 2011
Abraham, Part 19: Love, Joy and Callousness 22nd January 2011
Abraham, Part 20: Then God Opened Her Eyes 28th January 2011
Abraham, Part 21: Abraham: Sacrifice Your Son 5th February 2011
Abraham, Part 22: Obedience 11th February 2011
Abraham, Part 23: God's Reward for Obedience 18th February 2011
Abraham, Part 24: Epilogue 25th February 2011