Phil Cox

David - The Early Years

(Bible quotations are from the NIV unless otherwise stated)

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David, Part 1 - The Lord looks at the Heart 29th October 2011
David, Part 2 - The Spirit of the Lord and an evil spirit 4th November 2011
David, Part 3 - Promotion by God, not self-promotion 12th November 2011
David, Part 4 - Goliath's Defiance 19th November 2011
David, Part 5 - Having a Heavenly Perspective 26th November 2011
David, Part 6 - It's OK to be you 3rd December 2011
David, Part 7 - Jealousy 10th December 2011
David, Part 8 - Eating the Consecrated Bread 17th December 2011
David, Part 9 - The Lie and the Massacre at Nob 7th January 2012
David, Part 10 - A Corner of Saul's Robe 14th January 2012